Reinventing myDNA Business with Data Analytics

About myDNA

myDNA is a health tech company bringing technology to healthcare with a mission to improve health worldwide. They developed a personalised wellness myDNA test that lets you discover how your body is likely to respond to food, exercise, sleep, vitamins, medications, and more, according to your genome.

It is a life changer for those who want to skip the lengthy trial and error process, and achieve their desired fitness goals sooner. Moreover, myDna is a reliable way of assisting practitioners in selecting safe and effective medications for their patients based on their unique genetic makeup. For example, doctors can prescribe antidepressants, and post-surgery pain killers that are more likely to be successful in the first instance.

The most exciting part is that this technology, which has historically been so expensive, is now available at an affordable price for normal people like you and me! Not to mention, finding out you have relatives on the other side of the world through a family matching DNA test is pretty cool!

Providing life health services based on accurate data

After replatforming myDNA IT systems from a distributed monolithic database to a microservice architecture, the team needed assistance in delivering automated tools and meaningful insights through the business. This would give them an understanding of potential areas and markets to expand their services, the agility to move and change fast as a business and, provide an advantage over competitors by delivering the services, products, and customer experience their customers seek. This is all based on data rather than assumptions.

myDNA was seeking a cloud consultant that could assist them in exploring and understanding events by expanding their data and analytics capabilities. In addition, the business planned to increase their data skills so their in-house IT team would be able to maintain and continue building the new applications in a safe and effective environment.

AWS performed a Data Lab with myDNA stakeholders where they co-designed a technical architecture and built a Pilot to start the journey. This gave the myDNA team an understanding of all the AWS cloud data and analytics solutions available. However, they required a personalised and well-designed technology roadmap taking their IT skills and myDNA business goals into consideration, as opposed to a ‘one solution fits all’ strategy. This is exactly what DNX Solutions delivered!

How did DNX Solutions help myDNA establish a modern security data strategy in just one month?

The project started with DNX’s effective and interactive discovery where our team identified the company’s needs, had a complete picture of the existing company data, the architecture used, potential technological and/or team challenges. With that, our team created a clear road map where outcomes were evident even before the conclusion of the project

project road map

In the initial phase, DNX built the MVP using AWS Console, more general roles, data sources, and built simple reports and dashboards to present basic metrics.
After that, our data cloud experts built a more robust solution fit for production, with a focus on resilience, performance, reliability, security and cost optimisation using Devops methodology, CI/CD pipelines, automation and serverless architecture whenever possible.

Once the core platform was established, we brought more data sources, integrating them into the solution, and helped to build more complex and advanced solutions such as Machine Learning.

AWS Services Used

S3 Datalakes
Raw: hosts the data extracted allowing governance, auditability, durability and security controls

DynamoDB / SSM
Stores configuration tables, parameters, and secrets used by the pipeline and ETL Jobs to automate the data process

Crawlers can scan the files in the datalake or databases, infer the schema and add the tables on the data catalogues

Glue ETL
Serverless Spark solution for high performance ETL jobs within AWS

Data Catalogues
Stores the metadata and metrics regarding Databases, Connections, Jobs, partitions, etc. It can grant/deny access up to the table level

Can consume data from multiple sources within AWS and allow user-friendly development of reports, analytics and dashboards integrated with AWS platform

Lake Formation
Low code solution to govern and administer the Data Lake. An additional layer of security including row/column level controls

Wild cards that can help tie the solution together in a variety of roles and use cases

Athena can query data stored in S3 using simple SQL. It allows access segregation to metadata and history via workgroups, which can be compounded with IAM roles

myDNA to provide real insights at the click of a button

There is no doubt that DNX Solutions delivered value to myDNA. The team reported they were able to deliver another data transformation that depended directly on the result of DNX’s work.

Before engagement with DNX, the myDNA team could take three to five days to deliver a few manual reports in response to business queries. The company now is able to deliver different reports based on live data with just a click of a button. Not only does the business have accurate insightful data to make their decision of what, when, and where they should invest, but they also have the agility to make these decisions.

The myDNA team can now focus on what they do best rather than spending days merging unreliable information from various sources to produce a handful of outdated reports.

The next step for myDNA is to adopt AWS machine learning to unveil predictions, achieving far better real-world results.

Descubra o valor dos dados

A eficacia de uma líderança depende do uso de dados para tomar decisões importantes, é preciso ter um olhar amplo com informações assertivas para ter ações significativas, assim é contruida uma estratégia de dados moderna para fornecer insights às pessoas e aplicações que precisam, com segurança e em qualquer escala.

A DNX Brasil ajuda sua empresa a aplicar análise de dados em seus casos de uso mais críticos para os negócios com soluções completas que precisam de experiência em dados. 

stethoscope on a keyboard with a 3d globe on top, the perx logo is above on a blue banner background. DNX logo in bottom right corner

Perx Health: Automated global deployments on AWS with HIPAA Best Practices


About Perx Health

Perx Health is pioneering a motivational health community made for everyone.  They are using leading-edge behavioural science, understanding of consumer tactics, and technology to assist and motivate people living with chronic conditions to stick to their treatment plans.  Notably, Perx has already helped to increase engagement with thousands of patients, improved their adherence, and achieved better health outcomes. Their goal is a future where managing a chronic condition can really be simple, exciting, and rewarding.

The Business Challenge

Already running healthcare solutions on AWS, Perx Health aimed to leverage an elaborated multi-region automated deployment strategy in a HIPAA compliant way, requiring a move from higher-level AWS services like Elastic Beanstalk to services with more operational control.  Achieving this target without adding infrastructure operations overhead was crucial to maintain a collaborative, innovative and flexible environment for the development team.  Security of all data was of primary concern to Perx Health and this became a major focus of the solution delivered.   Another challenge was to identify opportunities for cost reduction while running the application in the new environment.

To accomplish these challenges, DNX Solutions was heavily involved in the new architecture solution.  Together, we evolved the platform to container-based orchestration, pushing stateless applications through CI/CD pipelines along with IaC (Infrastructure as code) using Terraform.  We can meet security and compliance standards through management and governance solutions, also take advantage of the AWS shared responsibility model, specially for security and operations topics.

The Solution

We started assessing the existing infrastructure using HIPAA Best Practices and our DevOps Transformation guidelines.  The project started by deploying our DNX Well-Architected AWS foundation, also called DNX.One, which implements operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation using Infrastructure as Code, so that applications can thrive, while the business can remain focused on customer solutions.

With minimum infrastructure operations in mind, Elastic Container Service on AWS was the service of choice for the application modernisation strategy. It is important to mention that DNX used spot instances for the ECS cluster, focusing on availability while reducing AWS costs.

As security and privacy were of paramount importance to Perx Health we were able to develop systems to ensure production data was well secured from development workloads and that access was only via a secure VPN to a secure subnet in their VPCs which is not accessible to the public internet.  Additionally, high levels of security best practices were enabled during the Foundation stage, including; A separate audit only account, centralised cloud trail, AWS Config, AWS Guard Duty, and AWS KMS.

Taking the blue-green deployment approach in a multi-region environment, we automated existing database migrations and deployments that were previously manual processes, providing the team confidence to release new features that can be easily tested in a prod-like environment before every deployment.

Perx Health also required an analytics solution to manage its multi-region environment. Using Terraform to manage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enabled simple provisioning of a Data Warehouse cluster, which was essential to bring automation, security, and information management and control.

Data Overview

Perx Health data overview

CI/CD Pipelines

Previously, deployments were semi-manual where the team would use a 3rd party deployment tool and required short amounts of downtime. At DNX, we used the current hosts CI/CD tool to provide the best pipeline architecture for deploying to multiple environments and regions with maximum flexibility and confidence while ensuring 0 downtime deployments.

As security is a critical topic, DNX has ensured that security controls were considered around the pipeline build-in on DNX.One Foundation. An IAM role is created specifically for CI/CD and we have been making use of it to deploy Perx’s applications. Discover more accessing our GitHub here.

ECR – Docker image scanning

To avoid releasing a docker image with major vulnerabilities, DNX has implemented an image scanning for Perx’s deployments. 

On bitbucket, a step was added prior to deployment. This step will check the ECR report created for that image tag and if it contains critical level vulnerabilities, the deployment of that image will be prevented.

ECR Perx Health Diagram


Perx Health’s project was highly collaborative and ultimately delivered beyond expectation. With an engaged and helpful development team working together with DNX, we built a resilient, secure, and reliable AWS platform for Perx Health applications. Now the team is able to focus on what they do best, using leading-edge behavioural science, consumer tactics, and technology to help and motivate people living with chronic conditions to better adhere to their treatment plans on a HIPAA compliant platform and automated deployments.  Using spot instances for the Elastic Container Service (ECS) has been generating an average of 50% cost reduction.

With modern and efficient DevOps-oriented practices, Perx Health can test and release new features to the market, faster. Reducing operational constraints on AWS, the new platform is prepared for a global HIPAA compliant strategy

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