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DNX Tech Update: June-July

As part of our routine, we invest heavily in improving our open source stack and making sure knowledge is captured in the form of code.

Last month our main focuses were on compliance and data.


terraform-aws-security-baseline — This module setup alerts for common controls defined on the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.

terraform-aws-ecs — Our ECS Cluster module now supports Fargate. Why is this included as a compliance update, you ask?

By being a managed service from AWS that is compliant with most industry regulations, Fargates reduces the burden for customers of having to manage compliance internally. More info at


terraform-aws-backup — A module to automatically backup data from multiple resources using Tags and AWS Backup.


We created are releasing a module that helps to ship logs to an ElasticSearch cluster: terraform-aws-kinesis-stream-es.

It works by creating a subscription filter in Cloudwatch Logs which collects and puts these logs in a Kinesis Data Firehose stream. The Kinesis stream then will process and deliver to an ElasticSearch domain.

Kinesis was added to the mixture to act as a buffer between the logs collected and ElasticSearch, so in case of a spike above the capacity of ES or if it goes down for maintenance, logs entries are not lost.

Three new blog posts this months from our engineers:


We are still working on improving the developer experience with AWS. Our CLI is one of the pillars of this strategy.

You can track the progress at

For a snapshot of all our open-source code can be found at

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