Appearition Immersive Technology

Appearition and its Omni platform for Immersive Technology

About Appearition

Appearition is an Australian technology company focused on creating immersive technologies that serve multiple industry verticals via a flexible API led interface.

Appearition was created with the purpose of providing cutting edge technology and also to be the agent of change by reducing the barriers to entry into immersive technologies for all sizes of enterprises. It is a group of passionate, purpose-driven individuals who are experts in immersive technology, agile software development, and product delivery.

They built the world’s first headless content management platform for immersive technologies that can serve multiple industry verticals via a flexible API led interface. 

About Appearition and its Omni platform for Immersive Technology

The Appearition team created a modular platform solution in blocks that can be configured independently, client-by-client. The immersive experience management and deployment platform supports a variety of output types including wearable 3D headsets. They called it the Experience Management System (EMS).

The platform can be accessed through a portal, mobile applications, desktop applications, and/or development environments such as Unity. This allows clients to distribute the immersive experience through web, mobile, wearables, and embedded platforms.

Appearition Platform

The Business Challenge

The immersive technology platform was developed using .Net Framework in a very modular way. This has enabled Appearition to serve different verticals along the way. The solution follows an impressive modularisation strategy that encompasses source code, library, and state management as well.

Now, Appearition has decided to modernise the underlying platform, which to now was based on the .Net Framework. DNX Solutions was brought in to help Appearition design and plan a comprehensive rewrite to a new modern tech stack.

The main business driver is to base the platform on a sustainable architecture ready to support all business activities for the coming 5 to 10 years, giving the company a sustainable edge and allowing it to stay agile and competitive in the market. The following needs were identified when setting the requirements for the platform technology’s imminent evolution :

  • Reduce time to market by automating as many steps in the release process as possible.
  • Independence from any one platform. Make sure the solution is not coupled for example only to Windows, thereby avoiding Windows license costs just to execute the application. 
  • Leverage modern cloud technology to further reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for the solution.
  • Reduce the man-hours necessary to maintain the solution by leveraging managed service as much as possible. So that Appearition talent can focus on creating more innovation in the immersive experience space.

Appearition has engaged DNX to assist in the analysis and planning on how to modernise their immersive application platform. DNX has executed a discovery project to co-create ways to achieve the desired goals.

The Discovery Solution

The Windows Discovery project took six weeks. DNX looked into Appearition’s needs through three lenses: business goals, technical feasibility, and team knowledge.

With well facilitated visual workshops, a team of cloud specialists from DNX together with technical and product SME from Apperarition have mapped the business necessities, the strengths of the current architecture, and defined the best ways to move from the current situation to a newer modern cloud architecture. The discovery has generated a modernisation technological roadmap that includes:

  • a strategy to modernise the source code  from .NET framework to .NET5
  • a path to keep using the current and Long-Term Support version of .NET technologies
  • training and guidance for Appearition technical team on modern cloud-native solutions
  • the design of an application platform that is cloud independent; and
  • a cost view on the modernisation effort as a project.

The Outcome

After the  Windows Discovery project, Appearition now has a technology roadmap, a bounded context map, and an execution plan for their endeavour. What before was just a dream for the Appearition technical team is now an executable plan. And because DNX is an advanced AWS partner, the discovery project has demonstrated to Appearition the AWS funding that they could access to help accelerate their modernisation journey. The outcomes for a discovery project can vary a lot from one customer to another. For Appearition, the outcomes included a clearly defined and executable pathway towards:

  • decoupling EMS application from windows servers
  • upgrading the code base from .Net 4.6.1 to .Net 5 (targeting Docker® conternaisation)
  • reducing the execution cost for the whole solution
  • moving EMS architecture towards the next architecture that can handle the next 5-10 years of incoming requests from business areas
  • Helping to communicate the  Appearition architecture modernisation opportunity for investor funding; and
  • upskilling Appearition technical team into the new tech stack.

Now, Appearition has a clear understanding of what success looks like; different modernisation scenarios to execute the project, better certainty in decision-making, and understanding of investment and AWS funding, enabling the customer to make better decisions aligned with its business strategy.

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workstar logo on a teal background, on a giant laptop screen with eight desks and chairs on the keyboard.

Workstar: Modernising a Windows-based application by applying DevOps on AWS

Workstar logo on a large laptop screen with teal background with eight desks and chairs on clouds

About Workstar

Workstar is an Australian Company based in New South Wales (NSW) dedicated to assisting corporations in developing customised, digital learning solutions based on real-life, practical situations. Operating since 2002, Workstar remains deeply dedicated to a ‘hands-on’ approach, providing options based on first-hand experience. 

From scenario-based learning to the gamification of the workplace, Workstar professionally tailors each proposal to their clients’ needs on an ad hoc basis, offering both excellent service and professionalism.  Their clients include reputable organisations such as Telstra, Westfield and McDonald’s.

The Business Challenge

Workstar is a Microsoft-based company, and were manually delivering web application releases via RDP protocol, where the likelihood for human error is higher. The requirement for developers to manually use a maintenance window for safe operation extended an already lengthy lead time. 

DNX Solutions was consulted and engaged to design and implement a tailor-made approach to achieve an optimal outcome for Workstar. During the discovery phase, the team noticed the absence of Load Balancers and Auto Scaling aspects. Additionally, their application at the time did not benefit from either elasticity or high availability aspects in the cloud; areas of focus that would be directly addressed by the team’s project outcomes. 

After actively consulting the client to understand the challenges faced, and the key outcomes they hope to achieve, the team at DNX kickstarted the process to design a salient solution.

The Solution

The team at DNX started the project with a prerequisite DevOps test, measuring multiple factors of Workstar’s DevOps Maturity Levels. Key areas including lead time and the time taken if deployment had failed were duly considered. These leading indicators allowed the team to craft a substantive plan to satisfy both Workstar’s needs and wants. 

Involving the client in the process is at the core of DNX Solution’s philosophy. The DNX team, in active collaboration with Workstar, worked together as one team to achieve optimal results in the project’s conclusion. 

The solution starts with a solid AWS Foundation. Our team at DNX focused on fashioning a reliably strong platform called DNX.One which implements operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), so applications can thrive while the business can remain focused on customer solutions. Once the framework had been implemented, this was quickly followed by the modernisation phase. The process involved migrating Workstar’s workloads to Elastic Beanstalk IIS, which runs on the Windows Platforms on spot instances using IaC. 

IaC is one of DevOps’ many important principles, as well as DNX Solution’s core deliverables.

It is crucial that Elastic Beanstalk was set up for zero-downtime deployments with monitoring and health checks for better telemetry and stronger control of environments. With the app platform built, we started to move the currently encrypted RDS database to its new home in a Secure Subnet, built during the AWS Foundation stage, which only the private subnet (where the application will run) has access to. Also, the SQL Server license was reduced from ‘Enterprise’ to ‘Express’, bringing cost-savings to the customer as the features utilised are available in the Express version.

Some of the AWS Services provisioned:

After the environments had been fully established, we started working on the application CI/CD. The CI/CD pipeline automates diagnostic testing, building, and deployment to nullify the risk of manual errors from occuring. Further complemented by Elastic Beanstalk’s blue-green deployments, Workstar now has the ideal environment to flourish financially. 

The client can now focus on business endeavours without being preoccupied with background operations, and the maintenance of their web infrastructure. Additionally, unnecessary costs have been significantly reduced to a minimum. 

Our CI/CD pipeline solutions are all original and independent of one another, relying on their proprietary stylings. Previously, Workstar’s resource content files had been updated manually during the maintenance phase. With active monitoring and alerts currently in place, releases are now easily deployed for testing, with automated production environments operating in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, resources and environments are now efficiently managed, operating at capacity. An improved developer experience is another crucial achievement for the development team.


The staff at Workstar are now able to experiment and test their deliverables in a safe and collaborative environment, encouraging both creativity and innovation. A production-like environment eliminates the likelihood of bugs and production hurdles. As a result, the final users can now enjoy a more stable solution. The costs associated with AWS and TCO were also substantially reduced, with spot instances being 70% cheaper than regular on-demand instances. The complete automation of the manual operand for deployments, releases or scaling on AWS has reduced lead times considerably

Overall, the project took 45 days to complete, and the team at DNX has managed to deliver on all fronts, satisfying their client’s needs in a timely and professional manner.

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Photo of 'no stopping any time sign' with tech2 logo above it on blue banner background

tech2: Implementing continuous delivery running .NET core workloads in AWS


DNX is all about helping our customers to leverage effective scalability, security and zero downtime deployments.

About tech2

tech2 is an Australian-owned company that engages in a wide range of technical operations and installation activities across the nation. With over 22 years of experience, tech2 is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable technology solutions spanning telecommunications, on-site technical installation services in homes and business and remote IT Premium Support, (from two Sydney-based centres). tech2 also licenses its very own robust workforce management software.

tech2 has a strong culture focused on excellence, keeping its promises, and doing the right thing by their clients and customers. They are a trusted partner committed to continuously improving their technology solutions.

The Business Challenge

tech2 used to have a traditional Windows stack running on AWS.  The IT support team provided application maintenance and worked to develop new features on an ongoing basis.  Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments were critical.  Its core product was a client-server VB Application running on AWS using a Windows Server EC2 instances without Autoscaling Groups.  This meant that there was a high risk of operational downtime for the business service.  Reducing configuration management and enabling automation was mandatory in order to allow for automation to solve the risk of downtime.

DNX was engaged to build a new strategy focused on re-architecting its application and adding automation around the software lifecycle, leveraging a modern and cloud-native stack in order to achieve their expected outcomes. This was identified during the DNX Cloud Assessment phase and would be used to improve operation efficiency.

The Solution

Before commencing the project, DNX’s team evaluated the organisation’s requirements.  They plunged into the processes through DNX’s DevOps approach.  This drove the team through DevOps journey while building a perfect foundation, standardising and automating processes, as well as using the technology needed to deliver applications quickly and reliably.

DNX proposed to transform the tech2 .NET Core application moving it to Docker containers and use AWS Elastic Container Service to manage the new cluster. Our computing solution used spot instances to run the workloads while providing cost-savings. For the application that could not be containerised, we used Elastic Beanstalk for quickly moving the workloads to proposed implementing a well-designed CI/CD pipeline that applied a zero-downtime deployment architecture. It would enable tech2 to leverage the benefits of having an immutable application running in Docker containers in AWS.

The High-Level Diagram below illustrates the solutions and resources used in AWS:

Network solution

Application Layer

The project

It was a 2 phase project, where DNX Engineers started building the AWS networking layer using Infrastructure as Code, which brings several benefits to tech2 application stack. It is also required for a well-architect ECS Cluster that was built in the first phase along with the Network layer.

In the second phase, DNX designed and created the CI/CD Pipeline covering the application full-stack, both back and front end in the same pipeline – sing S3 Buckets and Cloudfront AWS CDN to distribute the static content.

Deploy Strategy:

CI/CD tool: Azure DevOps Pipelines


  • Application build
  • Application Docker Build and Push to ECR

  • Application ECS Blue-Green Deployment using AWS Code Deploy

  • Automatic deploy to staging

  • Automatic deploy to production with manual approval

Front End

  • Application build

  • Unit Tests

  • Push the static application to S3 and run invalidation on the respective CloudFront

  • Automatic deploy to DEV and QA

  • Automatic deploy to production with manual approval

CI/CD Pipeline Overview:



Release stages detail


  • AWS Implementation as per High-Level Design
  • Applications migrated to the new platform
  • CI/CD Pipeline with zero-downtime deployments
  • DevOps Workshop
  • AWS Knowledge transfer by DNX’s AWS-Certified professionals

During the whole project, DNX executed transfer knowledge sections with DNX AWS certified professionals to tech2. DNX believes this is the right way to build a healthy relationship with customers and partners.

AWS Security:

  • This project followed well-architected principles, and DNX is always committed to applying high-security standards. The AWS Foundation phase created VPC with separate layers for application and data storage. Encryption was done in transit and at rest is applied across the application.

    AWS IAM Roles are used to delimited application permission on the AWS platform, following least privilege concepts.


tech2 relies on MS SQL for their enterprise database. The database runs on RDS with Mult-AZ and encryption enabled.  In addition, automatic backups are in place as part of their disaster recovery strategy.

The following diagram depicts the hybrid strategy created to keep both architectures running at the same time.


With a DNX solution tech2 could move their .NET Core solution to immutable containers running on ECS and Elastic BeanStalk for workloads that could not run in Docker Containers, drastically reducing the configuration management. Also, from a well-designed deployment pipeline, essentials for Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration aspects off-shore teams managements are simple, and deployments are more frequently released, while also benefiting zero-downtime deployments with blue-green deployments.

With a better operation efficiency and team management automation around software lifecycle, tech2 has a resilient and lower total cost of ownership infrastructure on AWS. Developer Experience has been improved, therefore the team has been releasing code more often and with better quality.

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