CRIBZ is a Startup company based in Sydney who offers a big-data solution for real estate companies providing the data sources, insights and actions to reduce acquisition costs and increase long-term client value.

DNX was responsible for migrating CRIBZ environment to AWS Platform to deliver a very scalable and secure platform allowing the client to implement a new business model based on APIs for their customers.

Based on customers requirements, DNX deployed an AWS well-architected Foundation based on multiple accounts and network segregation, introduced DevOps practices for the development teams through a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Pipeline and migrated CRIBZ applications to this new platform.

With this environment in place, CRIBZ could start its journey to create a new API model to help their clients to consume CRIBZ big-data.

The Business Challenge

CRIBZ platform was previously hosted on Heroku platform limiting their ability to create a modern CI/CD pipeline and accelerate their go-to-marketing time. CRIBZ was not able to use the full power of the Cloud facing several challenges when developing and deploying new features and needed a faster way to go to production.

Some challenges CRIBZ was facing were:

  • Difficulties maintaining a scalable infrastructure for API architecture

  • The need for a better way to deploy APIs

  • Their large big-data database was already hosted on AWS, so every query was handled over the Internet, creating performance problems and security concerns

The Solution

DNX was engaged as a trusted advisor to design, implement and deploy CRIBZ’s cloud platform and application stacks.

By using DNX One — our all-in-one AWS platform based on open source Terraform modules — CRIBZ could promptly start deploying into the AWS platform. The following features were implemented:

  • AWS Design and Documentation

  • Infrastructure-as-code using Terraform and DNX open source modules

  • CI/CD Pipelines for Terraform Projects

  • Application Container Strategy

  • Application Blue/Green Deployment

  • AWS ECS Cluster Configuration

  • AWS RDS Setup and Configuration

  • CloudFront and Web Application Firewall Implementation

The diagram below illustrates the ECS design used for CRIBZ:

Lessons Learned

The following are the most important take-aways from this project:

  • Infrastructure-as-code is essential to ensure immutability across AWS environments.

  • Continuous Delivery unlock velocity and improve time-to-market

Next Steps

CRIBZ is now ready to start an architectural change moving new products towards cloud-native concepts and eventually to a serverless environment using Lambdas to further reduce costs and administrative burden.

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